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DeWitt Records

Starting out in records storage/management and think you can't afford the software that the large record centers use, for efficient and profitable operations?

Here's a case study that might just make you reconsider that notion, using O'Neil Software's Starter Package.

Starting out in records storage/management and think you can't afford the software that the large record centers use, for efficient and profitable operations?Here's a case study that might just make you reconsider that notion, using O'Neil Software's Starter Package.

The Technology User: DeWitt Records Management

DeWitt Records Management, an International Association of Movers (IAM) member made all the right moves when the company recognized the increased revenue and profit opportunities available to them by diversifying into records storage/management and automating their operations.

Because in this business efficiency means money, John Burrows/President was looking for all the right tools: from software to handheld scanners; barcodes to "How To" Guides; 24/7 technical support to on-site, on-line and hands-on training - the same technology that the million-box record centers use around the world. And ideally he was hoping that as his business and number of users grew, there would be a package that would scale to accommodate his size. He found just that using O'Neil Software's Starter Package.

DeWitt Records Management's Corporate Headquarters is located in San Diego, California, with their record center in Tamuning, Guam. The company started out in the moving and storage business in 1983. It later diversified into records storage/management and has been in this business for 8 years. The company has 115 customers and offers document storage, retrieval, delivery, access, indexing and destruction, as well as additional record center services and materials for sale.

Challenge 1: Convincing Potential Customers to Outsource Records Storage/Management.

They were everywhere, lining hallways and consuming entire offices. Companies literally overrun with these unsightly residents and the time had come, for so many reasons, to have to deal with them. This scenario was not in reference to an infestation of rats, termites or cockroaches, but a much more common pest in many office environments – boxes of records, files and file cabinets.

So the challenge for DeWitt was getting potential customers to understand how much money they could save by paying a company like theirs to store and manage their records offsite. Generally most businesses thought that their records were in fairly good order and felt that it did not cost them anything to archive old documents.

However, once DeWitt showed them what they were paying for in rent/floor space to house these documents onsite and showed them how much less expensive it would be for them to store their records offsite, they realized the value in DeWitt's services. Demand quickly picked up.


Challenge 2: Controlling, Monitoring & Streamlining the Work Order & Invoice Process.

With all the new business coming their way, the next challenge DeWitt had was finding record tracking software that would allow the company to easily and accurately manage/monitor the activity of any storable item (boxes, file folders, documents, tapes) throughout their record center, from deposit to destruction, work order to invoice. It was also important to speed up the pace of their business operations; bring systematic control, consistency and standardization to their processes; and streamline their billing/invoicing.

"We wanted to have the ability to retrieve boxes full of files/records quickly and efficiently and know exactly where a box was located in our warehouse," notes John Burrows, President. "So before getting into this business and after purchasing O'Neil Software, we used our own moving and storage company files as the first account set-up. This would ensure that we knew how to use all the features and reap the benefits of the technology before we took it to an outside client. As a result, what used to take days to access 6 or 7 year old files stored away, thanks to the software, we could now retrieve a file on our desk within minutes of requesting it."

Another important feature that John was looking for was being able to provide his customers with the ability to remotely access his record center's RS-SQL® database, so customers could request services including destruction, retrieval and new file storage. He realized that this would lighten the load on his record center staff, freeing them up to perform other important activities that would help grow his business. So using O'Neil Software's RSWeb®.NET, DeWitt was able to offer this capability. His customers now had fast, flexible, real-time access to all their records and business information whenever they needed it, day or night, a mouse click away.

This feature also helped lower his record center overhead, expenses and set the standard in the marketplace. Customers could now perform many record center tasks themselves, eliminating unnecessary emails, faxes and telephone calls. No longer did DeWitt's Customer Service Representatives have to re-key an order, or look up information. The power was now in their customers' hands, through a standard Web browser.


The Solution: Automation & Continuous Customer Service/Support.

O'Neil was chosen as DeWitt's vendor of choice, not only for the features and benefits of their technology, but for the continuous customer service, on-line and on-site computer-based training, as well as 24/7 support desk help. It was extremely important to them that the company they partnered with technologically was dedicated to the constant support and development of improvements, as is necessary with any product.

"The best scenario we could hope for was having a support desk that was only a phone call away in our time zone, to assist us with any questions or concerns during our business day," adds John. "I wanted the assurance and peace of mind that there would always be someone available, knowledgeable and helpful around the clock. O'Neil not only had an office in Australia, the UK and California, their support staff had actually worked in record centers and offered onsite training. So I knew that we were getting not only great software, but the expertise of many at several locations, who would save us time and guide us in a way to prevent potential problems that we might not have anticipated. So it became clear to me after my vendor research, that O'Neil was the frontrunner based on our goals, their software features and benefits, cost and strong recommendations of peers."