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Grace Information Management

As a quality endorsed organisation, Grace Information Management assists businesses with a range of specialised industry services designed to assist clients' management and storage of valuable records and data.

Coordinating the management of millions of information points for thousands of businesses Australia-wide requires the integration of a sophisticated and efficient software package. For this reason, Grace places their trust in O'Neil Software, to ensure their nationwide operation meets the evolving demands of business head on.

Grace Case Study: A century of technology

The Grace Group has been utilising the latest technology to assist individuals and businesses in relocating and storing their valuables for more than 100 years. Today, in the information age, the secure and efficient movement of critical business data is paramount to success.

To assist companies in the management and storage of their data, Grace Information Management offers specialised records and information management services combining collection, transport, scanning, data capture, safe storage, retrieval and destruction.

Grace currently operates more than 20 branches servicing every capital city and major regional centre within Australia. Across these locations, Grace Information Management employs 350 staff to ensure the secure and confidential management for thousands of clients' information. With such a large service network, it has never been easier to outsource your in-house records and information management to the skilled team at Grace.

Challenge 1: Streamlined account management nationwide

To ensure that their services remain consistent across all of their locations, Grace sought a market leader whose technology solutions would help them automate their in-house operations and information processes.

With thousands of clients across the nation, Grace required a secure operating system that would enable quick and reliable access to their clients' accounts and provide a complete audit trail with no gaps.

Furthermore, Grace required the assurance that they would be able to maintain data integrity and security during technological upgrades and advances from whichever company they selected as their software partner.

Their search resulted in a partnership with O'Neil Software, who has assisted Grace in their day-to-day system processes for nearly two decades, ensuring they stay at the forefront of the information management industry.

Challenge 2: Ensuring efficient in-house operations and client services

With the help of O'Neil software, Grace was able to streamline their operating system and provide their clients with an efficient, tailored and responsive service point that enhances their information management solution.

"The information management industry has grown from simple storage and retrieval requirements," notes Michael Hyland, the Director of Grace Information Management.

"Today, Grace provides a holistic information management service that responds to current industry demands. The fast paced nature of business today creates the need for our team to constantly streamline how content is shared and accessed throughout our organisation, focus on reducing human error, operational costs and decreasing decision cycle times. We require systems that enable accuracy, systematic control, consistency and standardisation throughout our business processes without compromising on our clients' service experience."

Michael continues: "O'Neil Software not only manages our warehouse inventory, but also has a customisable, user-friendly web front end that enables our customers to request services, run reports, upload data and manage their records at their convenience."

Grace Information Management operates its business on the O'Neil Software platform. From customer service, order entry, business operations, data integrity and account management, it maintains their customer data as well as their operating data (activities, audits, exceptions, holdings).

"At any point in time, we are able to interrogate data from the system, enabling management to forecast growth and warehouse capacity, leaving us to manage our business better by improving productivity through management of costs and labour. In addition, our customer service team is able to provide immediate action to customer queries, making Grace the information management leader in Australia for service and quality," states Michael.


Challenge 3: Optimised account management for clients

As Grace continued to expand their services, accurate and automated invoicing became a priority service point. To meet this demand, Grace required the optimisation of their invoicing and reporting processes to handle their information centre invoicing, avoid risks related to inaccurate business information and better manage their client relationships.

"With O'Neil Software's RS-SQL, Grace can control and streamline our invoicing process for faster and more accurate billing. For example, it gave us the capability to set up a three tier account structure; clone rates to eliminate repetition and reduce manual errors; and set up automated report templates for end-of-month reporting," notes Michael. "This, in turn, enhanced the timeliness of payments and optimised cash flow, allowing our operation to develop new services and increase our area of operation."


The Solution

To remain ahead of industry standards and deliver a tailored information solution to clients, Grace has implemented the consistent use of state of the art tools and systems that adapt to the constant changes and developments in the information industry.

One of these systems is the O'Neil Cloud, which has allowed Grace the ability to connect their operating system with their clients own operating systems. The O'Neil Cloud increases opportunities for software connectivity and the first service to utilise it is known as oneilBridge.

This system facilitates Grace's clients' secure and seamless access and management of their assets directly from their own certified operation system and location.

With assistance from O'Neil software, it is little wonder that Grace Information Management has remained ahead of the data curve and is dedicated to keeping it that way.

Visit Grace Information Management online at: www.grace.com.au/information/