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This document explains who we are, how we do business, and how barcodes support your record storage management business.

Q: Who is O'Neil Software and why should we purchase labels from your company?

A: Committed to leading the industry for over 30 years, O'Neil has been the software and hardware solutioneers™ for over 1000 record centers in more than 80 countries, ranging from start-ups to multi-nationals.

O'Neil solutions manage/track multiple types of data including traditional storage boxes, file folders, documents and tapes; from deposit to destruction, work order to invoice. We are also known as the industry pioneers for barcode tracking, portable printers, scanners, wireless handhelds and web technology.

No matter what business you're in, if you use barcode labels you've probably found that purchasing and printing your own can be costly, time-consuming and distracting from your core business objectives. Typically, most labels do not pass the test of time in three particular areas: adhesive, paper and print quality. The adhesive deteriorates, the paper turns brown and the print flakes or fades. Each of these failure points will cause you additional cost, which is detrimental to your business.

O'Neil Software produces over 15 million barcode labels every year, that are designed to be as innovative as our software. Versatile, durable and easily readable, they can be customized with your name or logo printed clearly on each one.

Q: What are your label prices?

A: Our labels are competitively priced based on the size and color of the label. There is a discount structure based on the quantity of labels required, starting with a 10% discount on orders over 5,000 labels. You can discuss our current prices with your business development representative.

Q: Is there a minimum quantity of labels I have to purchase?

A: 1,000 labels is the minimum quantity offered and all smaller orders will be charged at a minimum of the 1,000 rate.

Q: How does O'Neil ship their printed labels?

A: Orders are typically shipped by FedEx, who visit our offices every business day. Shipping is not included in the price of the labels. We are happy to ship the labels using your own UPS or FedEx account number, if provided. Default shipping is by FEDEX Ground.

Q: How much does shipping cost?

A: Shipping is usually based on weight. For example and guidance, a typical box of 10,000 large labels generally weighs around 25 lbs. In June 2009, UPS charged $27.28 for this delivery to a New York address from Irvine, California, via Standard Ground Service.

Q: How long will it take for my labels to arrive?

A: Orders typically ship within 3-5 business days from the date the order is accepted and processed. Delivery time will then depend on the level of shipping service requested. Orders are typically shipped by FedEx, who visit our offices every business day. Shipping is not included in the price of the labels. We are happy to ship the labels using your own UPS or FedEx account number, if provided. Default shipping is by FedEx Ground.

Q: How are the labels packaged?

A: Labels orders are individually boxed and excess space is padded out, to ensure that they are not damaged in transit.

Q: Does O'Neil offer their labels on sheets or rolls?

A: Currently labels are offered on sheets and rolls.

Q: What if I only want a few sheets? Do you offer short-run label printing?

A: 1,000 labels is the minimum quantity offered and all smaller orders will be charged at a minimum of the 1,000 rate.

Q: What if I want different label sizes?

A: Each label size must be placed as a separate order.

Q: What is a Barcode Range?

A: A Barcode Range is a selection of labels with a starting and ending number. They have the same number of characters and can consist of alpha/numeric digits. Examples:

From: 000001 To: 200000
From: AB-123 To: AB-456

Q: What happens if I want multiple ranges? How does this affect pricing?

For multiple ranges of the same size, we calculate the price based on the total number of labels, but charge an additional $5.00 to set up each range, up to a maximum of $25.00.

Q: How do I submit multiple ranges?

A: You can either enter the multiple ranges into the text box provided, or you can upload a file with all the barcodes required. This is probably the best approach with location labels. You can set up the locations in RS-SQL, export the table and upload the file with your order.

Q:. Why do I have to tell you the total labels required? Can't you calculate this from the range(s) provided?

A: We can do so and certainly will; however, we use your quantity as a double-check to ensure we understand your order correctly. For example, if you submit the following range:

From: 000001 To: 200000

We expect to see the quantity of 200,000. If you enter a quantity of 20,000, we will call you to ensure we are printing the correct range, as you may have wanted the following:

From: 000001 To: 020000

Q: Why do I have to tell you the barcode length? Can't you calculate this from the range(s) provided?

A: We can do so and certainly will; however, we use your stated length as a double-check to ensure we understand your order correctly. For example, if you enter the range:

From: AB-123 To: AB-456

We expect to see a barcode length of 6 characters. If you only put 5, we will contact you to ensure that we are printing the correct range, as you may not want the “dash” character to be in the barcode, but only in the eye-readable number shown underneath the barcode.

Q: What is the quality of your labels?

A: The O'Neil barcode labels are designed and produced for worldwide commercial record centers. The demands of these record centers typically revolve around the need to have a label with an extremely long life cycle as the label could be in use for up to 20 or more years for certain records and or location labels.

Our labels are produced from a synthetic material with a special adhesive that has gone through life testing in an environmental chamber to insure our 20 year warranty is achieved. Additionally, the labels have been tested with the Sutherland Abrasion Test which insures the barcode will scan even though the label has endured the demands of a typical warehouse environment.

Q: What do you mean when you say your labels are "paper-free"?

A: In time and with exposure to light, all paper will turn yellow or brown. Libraries protect their special documents in acid-free environments. O'Neil has learned the same lesson with our labels. They are printed on an acid-free synthetic stock, that is custom produced and will not turn color.

Q: What kind of adhesive do you use for your labels?

A: The adhesive that O'Neil uses has been age tested by an independent laboratory to the equivalent of being in a records storage facility for 20 years. None of the samples tested displayed any signs of penetration, migration or oozing of the adhesive. Our labels were put through an accelerated aging process, in "warehouse" type storage conditions attached to corrugated board. Made with the best permanent adhesive available, our labels did not and will not break down, soak into the paper or evaporate.

Q: What barcode symbologies do you offer?

A: The most common used in record centers is the alpha-numeric code known as Code 39 (also seen as Code 3 of 9), but we can produce almost any symbology required. This barcode symbology has proven to be extremely reliable in terms of data scans and accuracy - perfect for the demanding business environment of record storage management.

Q: What colors do you offer?

A: Our labels are available in 4 background colors: White (default), Yellow, Blue or Green.

Q: Can I put my company logo on the labels?

A: On large labels there is enough room to place a company logo. The first time you submit a logo, you will need to upload it or email it to us. For subsequent orders, you can simply check the "Logo on File" box.

On small and medium labels there is only enough room to print a line of text, such as your company name.

Q: Can I send my artwork through the Internet?

A: During the ordering process, you will be given the opportunity to upload your logo as a file, or email it to us at sales@oneilsoft.com with a reference to your order.

A note on the artwork that going forward we will make some recommendations for logo file formats that will make it easier to generate the highest quality image in the printing process. Once this is understood better from a technical perspective the information on this question will be updated.

Q: What Header Text can I use?

A: Generally the header text needs to be a short description, such as "Archive Number" or your company name.

Q: What is a Transmittal Tag?

A: A Transmittal Tag is a small label printed alongside the main label, with the same number or barcode. This allows a large label to be placed on a box and the tag to be placed on corresponding paperwork, rather than writing down the number which is prone to error.

Alpha/Numeric Transmittal Tags only have the text/number, while Barcode Transmittal Tags have a number and a corresponding barcode, which is useful for data entry at a later stage.

Barcode Transmittal Tags can only be produced on our Extra Large Labels.

Q: What is the $ sign and why is it relevant?

A: Historically in our RSDos product from the early 1980s, a $ sign was printed at the front of all filefolder barcodes. This allowed the system to know that the barcode is related to a filefolder regardless of its barcode length. This functionality has remained throughout our RSWin and now our RS-SQL products. If you require the $ sign, please check the related box. The default is to NOT print it.

If you are a TRACKER customer, you do not need the $ sign.

Q: Do you have label samples which you can send me?

A: Contact us at any of our regional offices. We would be delighted to discuss barcode labels with you and also provide you some FREE samples.

Q: Do you have a Sales representative whom I can talk with?

A: Contact us at any of our regional offices.

Q: If the shape and size of my label are unique, what do I need to do?

A: To obtain a quote, the easiest thing to do would be to fax your Sales representative a sketch of what you would like. Include the size as well as an estimate of the quantity you think you may order. This will aid your representative in getting the most exact price for a custom die. Once you have agreed to the extra costs associated with a custom die, your representative will have the art room draw up the die line, which you will need to sign and return either by fax or mail. Then the custom die will be ordered.

Q: What is a die?

A: A die is a tool responsible for cutting the shape of the label out of the material. The material is shipped to us in large rolls. The ink and laminate is added to the label material before it is die-cut. A die to the material is like a cookie cutter to dough.

Q: What determines the price of custom printed labels?

A: The cost of creating the die and the quantity of labels required are the two main contributors to cost.

Q: Do I have to order over the Internet?

A: No. If you don't feel comfortable ordering over the Internet, please feel free to call us at any of our regional offices. We will forward you a form that you can complete and fax back to us.

Q: What methods of payment does O'Neil accept?

A: We accept Visa, MasterCard, or via Invoice for credit approved customers.

Q: How do I apply for a Credit Account?

A: If you are a business with an established credit history and are interested in opening an account for Credit Terms, please contact us at any of our regional offices to obtain a credit application form.

Q: Where do I find my account number?

A: You can look at a previous invoice and your account number will be shown on the top, right-hand section (it is usually a 3 or a 4 digit number) or contact us at any of our regional offices and we will look it up for you.

Q: I still have unanswered questions?

A: If you still have unanswered questions, you can call us at any of our regional offices or email us at: sales@oneilsoft.com