Preserving History.

You are your agencies information keeper, preserving the history of your organization by overseeing the storage and management of government records. Key to this responsibility involves the use of appropriate tools to manage and maintain historical records. Records must be stored, accessed, tracked, audited, managed, archived and eventually destroyed according to government retention and disposition mandates. And then there is the growing list of legislative initiatives, resulting in your being inundated by requests for information.



Do More. Spend Less. 

You also face other mounting pressures such as shrinking staff and the never ending fiscal challenge - do as much as possible while spending as little as possible. That's a tall order for any government agency, or department records personnel. Don't let old, inefficient record-keeping systems govern how you do business. With the right records storage & management technology, you can do more, with less; meet mandates for improving business processes, achieve operational efficiencies and protect sensitive data - all while helping your agencies execute their jobs.

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Size Doesn't Matter.

O'Neil Software helps government customers of all sizes make the most of tax dollars, by providing a cost effective records storage and management system for efficiently managing physical records. From item tracking and barcode scanning to reporting and disposition, our software solution is flexible and scalable enough to satisfy dozens of government agencies, from small departments to large organizations.


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Features That Fit Your Needs.

By replacing old, inefficient record management systems with an O’Neil solution, you'll speed the pace of your operations and streamline how content is stored, shared and accessed throughout your organization. Additionally, our technology will boost your staff productivity while reducing costs; bring control, consistency and standardization to your processes; allow you to respond to growth and changing service demands; enforce information security and authorization; provide services such as retention scheduling; and if required within your agency, ensure accurate billing.


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Case Study: The City of Winnipeg

Here's a case study on the City of Winnipeg, which was looking to streamline its records management services; eliminate paper-based processes and automate for greater efficiency; introduce a "self-service" capability to its clients for direct and better access to their records; and lighten the load on its record center staff. They got that using O'Neil Software.


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