O’Neil Software, Inc. Announces UK Software oneilBridge™ Certification

UK Software expands functionality of TranSearch with oneilBridge integration.

Irvine, CA, USA and Kent, England – O'Neil Software, Inc., a records and information management solutions provider has announced that TranSearch, the enterprise content application from UK Software Ltd., has now been oneilBridge Certified. This capability will allow end users the ability to manage off-site physical records at commercial records centers utilizing O'Neil's RS-SQL® or oneilCloudTM, in a seamless fashion directly from the TranSearch software solution.

"This certified integration will provide TranSearch users with access to their corporate records stored at off-site record centers in the most productive manner possible," stated David Holt, CEO of O'Neil Software Inc. "The ability to update records or make service requests at any time, provides the flexibility and control enterprise users are needing in today's fast paced business environment," Mr. Holt further added.

"Our clients have been looking for an easier and integrated way to manage off-site physical records and oneilBridge fulfills this requirement brilliantly. The ease of use with oneilBridge represents a significant technology improvement over previous methods such as FTP transfers. oneilBridge will make off-site asset management very productive for our customer base." stated Mark Potter, Technical Director of UK Software Ltd.

About O'Neil Software, Inc.

Committed to leading the industry since 1981, O'Neil Software has remained The FIRST Choice of Record Centers Worldwide™. Their technology is installed in more than 90 countries/territories, ranging from start-ups to multinationals. O'Neil's solutions manage/track multiple types of data from deposit to destruction, work order to invoice. The company's cloud solutions include oneilCloud™, oneilBridge™ and Cloud-Based Licensing.

O'Neil is also known as an industry pioneer for barcode tracking, portable printers, wireless handhelds, web technology and mobile connectivity. Their company provides worldwide coverage, with offices in California, Florida, United Kingdom and Australia. For more information, visit O'Neil's website at www.oneilsoft.com.

About UK Software Ltd.

Since 1993 UK Software has been providing solutions for live and archive file management of paper files, boxes, magnetic media etc., from creation to final archive storage and destruction. UK Software's flagship product, TranSearch incorporates easy to use Windows and/or web-based user interfaces, plus is extremely flexible and designed for the high volume demands of the enterprise user.

For more information, visit UK Software's website at www.uksoftware.ltd.uk.

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