O’Neil Achieves New Milestone with oneilBridge™ Cloud Service

Irvine, CA – The proliferation of cloud based solutions continues to gain momentum worldwide and O'Neil has proven again to be at the technology forefront with the oneilBridge service which has been in service for more than 4 years. The company's oneilBridge Cloud Service now manages more than 3,000,000 items in 17 countries around the world, offering a creative solution for corporate records managers wanting a consolidated view of worldwide storage assets.


O’Neil Software, Inc. Continues to Expand Cloud Service Globally

Irvine, CA – Today, cloud-computing is fast becoming the new normal and for companies like Irvine, CA -based O'Neil Software that have global customers, expanding their oneilCloud™ service into other countries/territories is the next logical step.


O’Neil Software, Inc. Extends International Cloud Service Coverage

Irvine, CA – Building on the successes of its cloud-based reinvention of its records management software in North America, O'Neil Software announces the deployment of its innovative technology, oneilCloud™, to the European (EU) region through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) datacenter in Dublin, Ireland.


O’Neil Software, Inc. Announces oneilCloud™ Dashboard

Irvine, CA – The oneilCloud Dashboard is a powerful, new user interface where record center management and staff can see live, critical information at-a-glance.  This feature is customizable by role, whether customer service, operations, or management. Information, formerly available through searches and reports, can be automatically pushed to the viewer and updated on a regular interval, resulting in a more timely response and improving efficiency and accuracy.


O’Neil Software, Inc. Announces The Latest Version Of Their Traditional, On-Premises Technology: RS-SQL® Version 5.01

While O'Neil rapidly enhances and expands its Cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service technology (oneilCloud™), it hasn't forgotten its customers who are currently utilizing O'Neil's venerable, traditionally-deployed RS-SQL platform.

In this new release are some simple, time saving features, most notably Windows® Domain Authentication (a process for verifying the credentials used to log in). This means that once a user logs into Windows, they are automatically authenticated when they invoke RS-SQL. This provides the user with a quick, seamless, single sign-on experience.


O’Neil Software, Inc. Announces New Records Management Service - oneilCloud™

Irvine, CA – The adoption of cloud services is increasing rapidly. Contributing factors are increasing data and the proliferation of mobile devices with access to the internet. However, this data is of little value without efficient ways to collect, store, extract and distribute it.

Simply stated, O'Neil Software's latest innovation in records and information management software (oneilCloud) provides an opportunity to perform these activities and access applications just about anywhere an internet connection can be established. oneilCloud is a comprehensive, all in one, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that caters to record centers of all sizes. This service takes the responsibility of hosting a records management enterprise solution, such as RS-SQL®, and moves it into an internet-based cloud environment managed by O'Neil.


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