O'Neil Software Sends Relief and Hope To Employee's Staten Island Hometown Devastated by Hurricane Sandy

Irvine, California — It seemed like it was made for the big screen. A Hollywood, blockbuster movie. "Frankenstorm" Sandy with a thousand-mile wing-span. Bulls eye: the East Coast areas and one of the hardest hit - Staten Island, New York, the hometown of one of O'Neil Software's employees.


A Reflection Of Where The Company Is Headed Not Where It Has Been O’Neil Software Redesigns Website

Irvine, California — We all know about the necessity of maintenance when it comes to our health, house and cars.  Ignore your health and you'll probably get sick.  Avoid painting your house and over time, it will rot.  And if you don't change the oil in your car frequently, you'll eventually have to replace your engine.

The same truth applies to a website.  Nowadays, simply having a website for your business is not good enough.  If you neglect it, it'll provide little benefit in return.  So your website is definitely not something you create and then forget about.


RIMproReport hits its 100th Show

banner-rimproA very special “congratulations” goes out from us to Tom Adams, in celebration of his 100th show – the RIMproReport, exclusively sponsored by O’Neil Software.  Started back in July, 2010, Tom’s weekly broadcast for the RIM industry is always entertaining and informative, so we recommend you tuning in on a regular basis.

To make this particular day (Tom’s 100th show) even more fun and exciting, O’Neil Software and other important industry guests will be calling in.  And some are even giving away some great prizes, so you don’t want to miss out! 


At It Again - More Cool New Features, O'Neil Software Announces Another Upgrade, RS-SQL® Version 4.04

Irvine, California - It's been said that "Some things just get better with age," and such is the case with O'Neil Software and their continuous technology upgrades. No sooner did they release their RS-SQL Version 4.03, they've now announced yet another, with more new cool features - RS-SQL Version 4.04.


O'Neil Software Attains New Microsoft® Gold Independent Software Vendor Recognition And Gold Motorola® PartnerEmpower™ Status

Irvine, California — It would seem as though O'Neil Software has the "Midas Touch," since everything seems to keep coming up "Gold" for the company.

Microsoft recently completed their transition from the old Certified and Gold Status to their new Partner Network. Shortly thereafter, O'Neil announced their company had 


Any Faster And It Would Be Illegal - O’Neil Software Announces Another Upgrade RS-SQL®, Version 4.03

Irvine, California — There’s no question that O’Neil understands the records management industry’s need for speed. Because in this business, every minute you wait, you’re losing time and money. So if you are one of O’Neil’s customers, consider yourself in the “Express Lane,” as they announce their latest RS-SQL, Version 4.03 Software Upgrade.


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