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Industry Interview: Giovanna Spadoni of OMTRA

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OMTRA a records management company has been utilizing O'Neil for more than 20 years in Italy and we recently had an opportunity to interview Giovanna Spadoni regarding her OMTRA and industry experiences.

O'Neil: Can you tell us about your background and current role at OMTRA?

Giovanna: "I'm currently the General Manager and DPO of our family company OMTRA, which was the first records management business in Italy. Our company was originally established in 1956 by my grandfather Silvio, and further expanded by my father Giorgio, who is our current CEO.

I have more than 10 years of industry experience with a focus on Information Governance, Consultancy, Data Protection, and Certified Shredding. I've had the great opportunity of working in several countries outside of Italy and was very fortunate to participate in internship positions at Richards & Richards in Tennessee, Kent Records in Michigan, and Wincanton in Ireland. These internships were a beautiful experience and taught me important foundational principles in the records management industry. I'll forever be grateful to Steve Richards, Andrew Ysasi, and Eugene Gibney for their generosity of time and knowledge and will always consider them my extended family."

O'Neil: OMTRA has been in business since 1956. What has contributed to the OMTRA success over such a long period of time?

Giovanna: "My grandfather established the company on the principals of respect, honesty, and trust which has resulted in true partnerships with our customers. He and my grandmother had been active during WWII risking their lives supporting the Allies and this had a strong influence on their view of life and community that has carried over to my father and now me."

O'Neil: You have been very active in various industry associations both in the U.S. and Italy. What has led you to contributing your time to these associations?

Giovanna: "I'm the Chairperson of the PRISM Divisional Leadership Committee, on the i-SIGMA Europe Committee, the NAID DLC, the International Chamber of Commerce in Milan, and for the last six years on the board of directors of Confindustria, Milano Monza Brianza which a group of the most influential young entrepreneurs in Italy.

The opportunity to make a contribution and give back to these industry associations has been extremely rewarding and has contributed to my ever evolving education. I've also been able to work with many wonderful individuals like Gail Bisbee of i-SIGMA whose knowledge and insight into our changing industry has been invaluable. I'm very proud to being able to provide a European perspective for the international companies that are part of these organizations."

O'Neil: OMTRA recently expanded the relationship with O'Neil Software whom you have been using for your records management software for a number of years. Can you tell us more about this strategic initiative?

Giovanna: "O'Neil has been partner of OMTRA and key success driver in our business for more than two decades. The international brand of the O'Neil system in many countries around the world gives us a de-facto 'Quality Certification' that can be used with our customer base, who in many cases are multi-national companies. The management of records which includes both active and inactive records means our customers also need a system of records management in addition to the storage and consultancy services that OMTRA provides. We are always looking for ways to creatively add value to our records management offering and this expanded relationship with O'Neil allows us the opportunity to resell the O'Neil solution to our base."

O'Neil: As our industry continues to evolve and change what do you think will be the key factors for success in the future?

Giovanna: "Our industry has changed significantly during the past 10 years due to many record center acquisitions by larger companies, increased data privacy concerns, legislation such as GDPR, and a move to more digital imaging and a reduction in traditional physical records.

All of these changes require us to adopt a strategy of People, Planet, and Profit. People in the sense of providing the necessary education and consultancy in the area of Information Governance while respecting individuals and their rights to data privacy. Planet from the perspective of a more positive environmental impact for areas such as secure shredding. Environmental sustainability is a challenge that our customers are facing in their own organizations and one that we can positively impact as we utilize more effective ways of recycling. Profit as a means of providing our employees and shareholders compensation for their contribution to the cycle of information and records management.

Success can be defined in many ways and I'd like to think that following the path established by my grandfather and father while innovating new customer solutions will result in a vibrant and successful OMTRA in the years to come."

Thank you Giovanna for sharing your story with us. To learn more about OMTRA, please visit https://www.omtra.com/.

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