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O'Neil Software Announces the Release of DispatchView, A Real-Time Map-Based Delivery Dashboard

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Irvine, CA – O'Neil Software, Inc., a leader in cloud-based and on-premise software solutions for commercial, government and corporate records management, recently announced the release of DispatchView for oneilCloud, a SaaS-based software solution for the records management industry.

DispatchView is the next step in comprehensive point-to-point tracking for the records management industry. DispatchView is a new map-based interface that allows record center operators to view drivers' locations and work orders in real-time. The DispatchView dashboard alerts route operators of the status of upcoming work orders and provides greater visibility and insight into drivers' routes.

DispatchView also gives record center operators the ability to retroactively map drivers' daily routes for analysis. Route by route breakdowns provide analytics to lower delivery costs, determine optimal delivery routes and inform customers of pending deliveries and pickups.

"Accuracy and flexibility has been at the core of the O'Neil Software system since the beginning and DispatchView takes that commitment even further. This application demonstrates the capabilities of using oneilCloud and oneilMobile to provide an unparalleled view of real-time events in the field." says David Holt, O'Neil's Chief Executive Officer. He continues, "In the records management business, providing timely services is key and DispatchView gives record center operators the ability to achieve higher levels of productivity and efficiency than ever before."

About O'Neil Software

Scan. Store. Manage. Deliver.TM Since 1981, O'Neil Software's records management solutions have been installed in over 90 countries, ranging from start-ups to multi-nationals. O'Neil's solutions manage/track multiple types of data including traditional storage boxes, file folders, documents and tapes; from deposit to destruction, work order to invoice. Their flagship products, oneilCloud and RS-SQL, are the most advanced software solutions on the market, ensuring record center productivity and profitability.

O'Neil is also known as the industry pioneer for barcode tracking, portable printers, wireless handhelds and web technology. The company provides worldwide coverage, with offices in California, Florida, United Kingdom and Australia. For more information, visit their website at www.oneilsoft.com.

Source: O'Neil Software, Inc.
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