Please note the MF2te Mobile Printer has been discontinued for sale. Accessories are still available in limited quantities. Please check with your business development representative for availability.

Imagine a portable printer so small and lightweight, it can be worn on your belt all day long without noticing it. One so rugged that it can be dropped again and again from a height of six feet onto a concrete floor within your record management facility without damage.

Click Here to watch a video of an MF4t, which has the same design as the MF2t, "Running the Gauntlet" of drops and trucks.

Now imagine your driver capable of producing legible and personalized receipts at the customer's site, providing a complete audit trail. Or your record storage personnel able to generate pressure-sensitive linerless labels with no peel-off backing.

And now imagine that you can choose to be cable free!



Building on the success of the microFlash 2t printer, the MF2te uses bluetooth to connect to your MC959X handheld Scanner. This eliminates the need for your drivers to have cables to print receipts, although a cable is available.

Inside or Outside

The rugged and portable microFlash 2te printers is ideal for use in your record center operations as it offers the most reliable printer performance available, printing outstanding quality 2” direct thermal receipts, proof of deliveries, labels and invoices – shift after shift, month after month, year after year.

With the microFlash 2te printers, your drivers can offer customers complete itemized receipts. They can track a container from the record center to the customer. Once at the customer’s site, drivers can scan items and provide customers with a printed receipt.

Designed Specifically for the Field Environment

Not a mini "countertop" printer adapted for field use, the microFlash 2te case is made of unbreakable polyethylene plastic. It's small enough, lightweight enough and ergonomically designed to be worn without interfering with any record center’s rigorous job activities.

Plenty of Power

The microFlash 2te uses standard nickel metal hydride camcorder batteries (DR10 1800mAh), ensuring economical replacement batteries will always be available. It also has enough power to print over 6,300" on a single charge. Battery charging is built into the printer. No need to buy expensive options.


Highly engineered for reliable performance
Internal button, switches and connections for increased durability
Physical Characteristics
Rugged polyethylene blow-molded case
Lightweight and user wearable
Swivel belt clip
Standard serial connectivity
Optional Bluetooth wireless connectivity
Media & Power Source
Large paper capacity and long battery life
Affordable battery replacement
Intelligent quick charge battery
Fonts & Language
Large memory capacity
Prints 1D and 2D bar codes; supports international character sets, graphics and any Bitstream® font or language
2-Year standard warranty
Affordable extended warranty options


User Access