Few of today's records storage and management business challenges are new: create value, differentiate yourself, satisfy customers, increase your productivity and grow. However, what is different is the intense pressure to deliver results, using less time and money. Ready to respond to the pace and fluctuations of an ever-changing records storage and management world?

RS-SQL is state-of-the-art software from O'Neil, first unveiled in 1999. This flexible and feature-rich information management and record tracking software allows you to easily and accurately manage, track and monitor the activity of any storable item (boxes, file folders, documents, tapes) throughout your record center, from deposit to destruction, work order to invoice. Using RS-SQL lightens the load on your record center staff and reduces the time and effort it takes to access information. Today, RS-SQL continues to set the industry standard in record storage and management solutions.

Designed to handle the needs of everyone, from start-ups to multi-nationals and built around Microsoft's® SQL Server database engine, RS-SQL is both scalable and robust. As the number of users increase, the product automatically scales to meet your needs. Our system can accommodate any size business, small or large.


Getting Started

Begin your analysis of the records storage and management business by assessing the income potential of your storage facility and any services you provide your customers.

Then consider just some of the following: you will need some type of facility to handle your customers' boxes. Once you've decided where you will locate, take into account the minimum standards your customers will expect such as fire and theft protection, after-hours access, location and other factors that will set you apart from the competition.

Your facility will also need racking and an important consideration in choosing it will be the "payback." Different racking configurations yield different box capacities.

Finally, the use of technology/automation allows you to easily and economically manage your records storage side of the business, ensuring greater accuracy. Lightening the load on your staff or less staffing also puts more money in your pocket and gives you additional time to spend on marketing.



RS-SQL automatically captures each service that is performed and it appears on a customer's invoice.
Allows you to easily and accurately monitor the activity of any storable item thoughout your record center, from deposit to destruction, work order to invoice.
Event Notification
Allows you to send immediate and automated email notifications to interested users, when certain events occur within RS-SQL.
You can add your company logo, or any logo, to the top of your workorders and invoices.
Unicode is a worldwide character standard used in all the major languages written today including European, Middle-Eastern and Asian scripts.
User Logs
The User Log contains information on all users who have logged in.
Security Settings
Item Security Levels can be assigned to both Users and to Items to ensure that unauthorized personnel do not have access to secured items.
Quick Queries
Quick Queries allow you to create a query that is used regularly, with slight variations, and access it with a few simple keystrokes. 
Priority Service
The Enhanced Priority Services feature allows the Required by Date/Time to automatically be calculated for priority services when creating workorders.

More Features...



Hansen Records Management

Our primary goal was to keep an accurate inventory of our customers' files and be able to find them quickly when needed. Additionally, we wanted to: guarantee 100% service accuracy and efficiency; ensure correct billing and charging for every service we performed; and have meaningful data at our fingertips. All this and the technology had to be easy to use. We got that with O'Neil Software - Steve Schwid

Government Records Repository

In 2001, when we chose O'Neil, it was the only dedicated records center management software in Australia at the time. We also realized that the few other record center management software products available were inferior to O'Neil's RS-SQL®. We were looking for an off-the-shelf package that would cover 90% of our processes and operations. RS-SQL covered 100%, without any need for expensive software customization. The fact that we could buy the product this way and successfully implement it straight out of the box was a very important factor for us. So they became our vendor of choice and implementation commenced in 2002. - Sally IRVINE-SMITH

Saracen Datastore

"You can offer all the services under the sun to a customer, but without a quality product like O'Neil's software, you can't manage those services. You can't track those services. And you may not bill correctly for those services, having a huge impact on your success and profitability." - Jez Tibbetts

Richards & Richards

O'Neil's software set us apart immediately from our competition in Nashville. Two years after we opened our doors, both competitors were out of business. Neither could compete with us because their technology didn't match ours, especially with the barcoding. - Steve Richards

National Records Management

We are thankful to have chosen O'Neil as our software vendor and greatly benefited from the wealth of expertise and experience they have to offer. It was referrals from other record centers that turned our attention to O'Neil. After learning more about them, we were attracted to their focus and commitment to the industry . We recognized that records management was the heart of their company and that was important. - Aimee Ludwig

Pioneer Records & Information Management

We basically chose O'Neil Software because of their years of experience in inventory tracking technology and their relentless desire to constantly improve an already great software solution. Using their software to all of its capabilities has allowed us to produce work flow procedures and set up monitors that will let us know if we have missed a step in those procedures and simply re-train where needed. The fact is if you are not spending wasted hours researching misplaced items, then you are controlling your costs and enhancing your customer service. - Kevin Phelps



Think you can't afford the same software used by the world's largest, most successful record centers?  Well you can, especially with even more flexible pricing from O'Neil Software. You get the world's leading commercial record center software (RS-SQL®), providing you with all the tools you need to profitably operate and successfully compete with all record centers - large or small.

From the "traditional" capital expenditure approaches to flexible monthly subscription options, you can get the same package that the million box record centers use around the globe, yet priced for you to get started in the profitable records storage and management industry. And as your business grows, O'Neil's subscription pricing simply scales to accommodate your size.

  • The Complete RS-SQL Software (including Internet access via RSWeb.NET)
  • Unlimited Standard User Licenses
  • Unlimited Web User Licenses
  • Attendance at Any Classroom Training Session
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • All Software Upgrades
  • Full Access to O'Neil's Website & Resource Center
  • 1,000 industry-durable barcode labels, with an unprecedented 20 year warranty

We understand that each of our customers' needs are unique, so why not speak with one of our sales consultants today and see how we can build a package just for you?



O'Neil Software's products are backed by the industry's only global service and support structure that consists of expert staff, who have decades of record center experience. Our in-house developers focus on programming new features, while our help desks are dedicated to supporting our customers. And they are always there within reach, with three manned support desks around the world, with locations in the USA, UK and Australia, we cover all time zones. We are also proud to be able to report that 98% of all our service and support calls are answered by a real-live O'Neil Support staff member, with no long on-hold waiting. Experience the support you deserve from the only company focused on being there when you need us.

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