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The Zebra TC20 and TC25

The Zebra TC20 and TC25 combine the mobile features record center owners have been asking for, all at an extremely affordable price point. The TC20 and TC25 are designed to keep your staff productive all shift long, protect customer data on the handheld and scan boxes and filefolders efficiently without breaking your budget. 



What’s Inside.

The TC20 and TC25 come equipped with a lightning fast 8-core ARM 1.4GHz processor, fighting off slowdown often seen in other mobile handhelds. Matched with 2GB of RAM and a dedicated Zebra scan engine, staff can process barcodes accurately and efficiently throughout their shift. The TC20 and TC25 also come standard with a beautiful 4.3in WVGA screen topped with Corning Gorilla Glass. 



oneilMobile Certified

Running oneilMobile on the Android operating system, the TC20 and TC25 are capable of features never before seen on a mobile handheld. Staff can conduct easier location audits, automatically search for new assignments, conduct destruction validation by location, require PIN validations for pickups/deliveries and much more. oneilMobile also ensures data is encrypted while stored on the TC20 and TC25 and also when the data communicated back to the database.



All Day Power

Tired of running low on battery? The TC20 and TC25 pack all day power with a 3000mAh battery that charges in under 4 hours. Forget to charge it overnight? Not a problem, snap on the optional PowerPack and your staff will be ready to work.



Instant Voice Communication

Reach your workers inside or outside1 your warehouse with a touch of a button. Using Push-to-Talk, operations managers can easily reach a staff member or an entire group.



Connections: Inside and Out

The TC20 and TC25 come with the latest network technologies for both WiFi and Bluetooth, ensuring speeds are consistent and as fast as your wired connections. The TC25 comes standard with support for 4G and LTE networks allowing staff to upload workorders from customer sites2.



Rough and Tough

Looks are often deceiving and the TC20 and TC25 are no exception. Drop tested at 4ft and with a tumble specification of 300 tumbles at 1.6ft, the TC20 and TC25 are durable and built to last.

1.Workforce Connect PTT Express provides basic push-to-talk services between TC20/TC25 and other compatible Zebra devices inside the four walls for no cost. Push-to-talk outside the four walls requires a subscription to Workforce Connect PTT Pro (TC25 Only).
2. Requires a cellular plan to connect to 4G LTE.
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