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The Gap Between In-House and Off-Site Records is Finally Bridged

Managing in-house corporate records can be challenging especially when also utilizing off-site storage. Updating records and ordering services from an off-site vendor all require time-consuming steps, creating an additional burden by needing to access two disparate systems – the in-house Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system and the Record Centers software system. 

oneilBridge is a series of web services that enables end users to simply, seamlessly, and securely manage their off-site corporate records directly from their ECM solution. oneilBridge provides an integrated, virtually real-time interface, which automates and standardizes the access and management of physical records stored in off-site record centers using O’Neil’s oneilCloud or RS-SQL. These web services provide a ‘bridge’ that can be utilized by end users to access, manage and control off-site records.

• Off-site records can be accessed directly from ECM software. Increases productivity, efficiency, accuracy.
• Allows for easy integration and collaboration of 3rd party products.
• Internet-based service. Runs on 'Cloud' based servers for 24/7 availability.

• Provides a communication link between ECM software and oneilCloud or RS-SQL.
• Allows end users the ability to perform tasks such as item updates and service requests directly from their ECM software.
• Requests are received at the record center as ‘Web’ orders. 

• Comprised of a series of barriers that maintain a high degree of data safety and integrity.
• Passwords, encryption, firewalls, authentication protocols, physical restriction of access to servers for end-to-end protection.
• Ensures confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.


A Unified Records Management Solution




Security Elements for Data Safekeeping



Data Protection - A Top Priority

O'Neil Software has implemented a series of constraints, that provides a secure environment to protect the data of clients utilizing oneilBridge. Starting with the End User ECM application, this certification ensures proper use of our web services including access of the replicated data in the cloud, encrypted for maximum security. All record center data replicated is in a singular silo configuration, not comingled with any other data, providing a safe environment that your data deserves and requires.


oneilBridge Testimonials

"The ability to partner directly with O'Neil and access the oneilBridge web services results in a productivity improvement for our clients, who need to manage their off-site records. The need for a disparate system such as FTP transfers, or other direct contact to commercial record centers is eliminated with this new capability."

Gary Sanders, CEO
Intandem Solutions Ltd., United Kingdom