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What is oneilCloud?

oneilCloud is O’Neil Software Inc.’s latest innovation in records and information management software. It is a comprehensive, all in one, Software as a Service (SaaS) application that caters to record centers of all sizes. oneilCloud allows you to manage, track and monitor the activity of any storage item.


More Time to Manage Your Business

  O’Neil manages the oneilCloud deployment and upkeep relating to hardware, system and application software. We deploy, manage, and monitor access and all related security. Knowing your system is being managed by O’Neil will provide you peace of mind and more time to focus on strategic opportunities and core business activities.


Security and Data Encryption

oneilCloud leverages the built-in Security of Amazon Web Services. oneilCloud adds the following:

Encrypted data in transit
Encrypted database and backups
Encryption Key Management (Critical)
Multi-factor Authentication
Security Monitoring (24x7x365)


Business Continuity

The continuity of your operations is dependent upon two critical and distinct business processes:

Disaster Recovery

oneilCloud includes both these key elements as part of the service. A multi-layered scheme is in place for backup/disaster recovery which encompasses regularly practiced backups along with verification of backups at regular intervals. Business continuity is a fundamental requirement of records management but one that is often overlooked. oneilCloud gets it right. 



Real Time Metrics at a Glance

Customizable dashboards are based on the information your staff needs to know. From the CSR to the Operations Manager to the President, oneilCloud dashboards provide visibility for every level of the organization.


Exceptional Value and Productivity

With infrastructure costs reduced and expenses associated with application revisions a thing of the past, oneilCloud provides exceptional cost effectiveness. Additionally, oneilCloud comes with unlimited standard and web users - just what is needed to support peak system usage.



oneilMobile is a smartphone app that you can offer your customers, seamlessly connecting them to your record center. It enables them to easily and immediately place orders; check on their statuses; drill down to order details; and look up data on individual items.


Online Access for Your Customers

Your clients have online access to their records, enabling them to perform many tasks themselves and eliminating the burden of your customer service staff. Your customers can add files, request services, or even add users anytime, day or night, from anywhere in the world.


World Class Support and Education

oneilCloud is backed by the industry’s only global support and education structure that consists of expert staff, with physical locations in the USA, UK and Australia. When you need help, or want to take your oneilCloud use to the next level, the O’Neil technical staff will be there for you.