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 O’Neil has a long and successful history with mobile applications for record centers. oneilMobile takes the next technological step to ensure operational excellence with warehouse operations while also serving end user customers in the field. Running a record center with oneilMobile has never been easier!

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Android and Apple User Friendly

oneilMobile was designed to work on the most popular mobile operating systems in the world, Android and iOS. Familiarity with these operating systems makes the transition to oneilMobile seamless for your staff and customers. 

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Native Controls

oneilMobile uses the native controls of Android or iOS, giving them the ability to swipe and tap on their devices like they would on their phones. See an address in oneilMobile? Tap on the link to open Maps. See a phone number? Tap on it to call. With oneilMobile and the intuitive native controls, your staff will be quickly setting new records for productivity.


oneilMobile and Your Warehouse Staff

Using oneilMobile in the warehouse has never been easier. Tasks such as downloading picklists, pulling items, refiling, and looking up an item’s information are all handled simply and quickly with an oneilMobile device. Also available is multi user support which allows warehouse staff to finish an activity that was started by a different staff member, if they become unavailable.

End-to-End Chain of Custody

Chain of custody is important for every record center and oneilMobile has the tools to ensure that this is maintained from the warehouse to the delivery truck and eventually to your customers. With the ability to validate items at every step, you can maintain a record of every movement within your record center.


 oneilMobile at the Customer Site

oneilMobile gives your drivers the tools they need when visiting your customers. In addition to standard pickups/deliveries, your driver can also record delivering new record boxes or barcode labels, scan unitemized pickups and schedule a return date in advance. The Signature Capture feature provides a lasting record that items were signed for and receipts can be printed or emailed to your customers.
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Maximum Security

Protecting your data is at the core of O’Neil’s design philosophy. oneilMobile was developed with the highest levels of wireless security to ensure your data remains safe and secure at all times. All communications between the oneilMobile app and the server are encrypted and all data stored on the device is encrypted while at rest.*


Proven Security Policies

oneilMobile also supports the RS-SQL® and oneilCloud User Policy Settings for password length, type of characters required, and blocking after a set number of failed attempts. oneilMobile sets the standard when it comes to mobile security in your record center.

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Bring Your Own Device

In addition to Zebra’s rugged mobile computers, oneilMobile gives you the choice of using your own Android or iOS compatible devices. This flexibility allows you to easily increase the number of available scanning devices during periods of peak demand or in case of emergencies.

Connect from Anywhere

With wireless connectivity, either Wi-Fi or Cellular, your warehouse staff have instant access to the vast information provided by the O’Neil records management database. This allows for immediate updates of critical information such as locations, picklist revisions, customer notifications, and invoice generation.


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The TC21 and TC26

Zebra TC21 and TC26 Mobile Computer

(Shipping times and availability subject to current conditions.)

The TC21 and TC26 are designed to keep your staff productive all shift long, protect customer data on the handheld and scan boxes and filefolders efficiently without breaking your budget.

Zebra TC52 and TC57 Mobile Computer

Designed in the same form factor as modern smartphones, the TC52/57 can fit in your pocket while being able to handle the complex tasks that your business requires.

Zebra TC72/TC77 Mobile Computer

 The TC72 and TC77 deliver high end performance while being as easy to use as smartphones – just what your staff needs in today’s competitive business environment.

Zebra TC8300 Mobile Computer

 Built on top of the Android operating system, the most used mobile platform in the world, the TC8300 gives your staff the tools they need to keep your business ahead of the competition.