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RS-SQL is the industry leading On-Premise records and information management solution from O’Neil used in more than 90 countries around the world. This flexible and feature-rich software allows you to easily and accurately manage, track and monitor the activity of any storable item throughout your record center, from deposit to destruction, work order to invoice. 

On-Premise allows the RS-SQL application to be secured within the organizations IT infrastructure with required hardware software and components supplied by the organization. O’Neil has found On-Premise beneficial to organizations within the public and financial sectors who have the IT resources to properly and securely maintain the environment.


The Four Pillars

The cornerstone of records and information management encompasses what is known as The Four Pillars: containers, filefolders, tapes, and images. O’Neil excels with these asset classes with more than 600 million containers and 2.4 billion filefolders managed by RS-SQL.



Productivity Plus

The foundation of RS-SQL is how it enhances the productivity of your staff members in order to obtain operational efficiency. RS-SQL is scalable to minimize costs and maximize profits whether your record center is a small start-up or a very large multi-national organization.


Exhaustive Feature Set

The beauty of RS-SQL is that the feature set is exhaustive based upon the real life experiences of thousands of commercial and corporate records centers which have been incorporated into the software.



One feature within RS-SQL that requires special note is invoicing which is the heart of all successful commercial record centers. O’Neil provides an invoicing function that allows for the calculation of flexible storage and services fees which is why 9 out of 10 records centers who switch to O’Neil find additional revenue for their organization.

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