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Streamline Your Record Center Operations

In today's records storage and management environment, constant communication with your database is a must for record center staff. RSMobile increases the agility and responsiveness of your records storage and management business operations by automatically responding to events as they occur out in the field. RSMobile empowers your staff with the functionality of a workstation in the palm of their hands.


RSMobile device scanning boxes

Smarter, Faster Decision-Making

Using RSMobile helps shorten records storage and management implementation time from hours to just minutes, so you can react immediately to customer demands and enhance service levels.

RSMobile gives record center staff the ability to make fast and accurate decisions while:

  • • Greatly reducing records storage and management process implementation time
    • Connecting mobile users to your record center database, unifying your business process management infrastructure
    • Enabling a "real-time" record center enterprise, allowing users to more quickly access information and better react to business events as they occur

RSMobile in the Warehouse

RSMobile empowers your record center staff with feature-rich functionality such as downloading and uploading pick lists and work orders; creating route operations assignments; uploading truck, work order and delivery validations. Tasks that previously took many steps, required training and required the mobile user to return to the workstation, can now be completed directly from their handhelds, saving time and money.


RSMobile at the Customer Site

Eliminate paper altogether. Combat fraud. Stop wasting time searching for lost or misfiled signed proof-of-delivery tickets.

The Signature Capture feature in RSMobile enables your drivers to collect electronic signatures for each delivery on their route, via their handheld, speeding up business processing and improving customer service.

RSMobile devices also allow your drivers to connect to O’Neil’s microFlash 2te wireless printers, allowing them to provide instant receipts to record center customers.


Advanced Connectivity

RSMobile communicates directly to your RS-SQL® database, using WiFi or mobile data. As a result, you don't even need to have a workstation switched on. You simply need to be in a wireless zone (or HotSpot) in your facility or on the road and RSMobile will automatically connect you to the database.


Built on Windows Mobile

RSMobile is built upon Microsoft®'s Windows Mobile handheld software. Windows Mobile enhances users’ ability to communicate and to send, receive and manage data while out in the field.

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