In this records-driven world in which we live, Pacific Records Management has earned the reputation for the intelligent and efficient management of even the largest document loads.

Here's a case study on a company who recognized the value in automating their business early on, because billing by hand and inventorying by paper were processes that were no longer efficient or accurate. In doing so, they also "net" the big opportunities 24/7 in their marketplace: greater efficiency, productivity, as well as enhanced customer service using O'Neil Software's RSWeb®.NET.

The Technology User: Pacific Records Management

Insightful business leaders are learning that it's no longer just having technology that provides the edge; it's what you do with it that makes the difference between being part of the pack (which only makes you competitive), or ahead of the curve and among the innovative.

Pacific Records Management is one of those leaders. Founded in1856, the company is a full service provider of records management including offsite archival storage, document imaging solutions, data backup and recovery as well as confidential document shredding, both mobile and onsite. Their California office locations are Stockton, Sacramento and Modesto and they have over 1,150 customers.

Challenge 1: Use Technology in a Unique Way to Streamline Operations, Boost Staff Productivity & Enhance Customer Service.

It didn't take Richard Steed (Vice President of the Records Management division) long to recognize the benefits that technology could bring to their business. Known for his vision and forward-thinking, he was looking to become more competitive and set the standards in his marketplace; streamline his operations' processes; lighten the load on his staff while enhancing customer service, satisfaction and retention. As a result, his organization ended up being one of O'Neil Software's earliest adopters of its technology, impressed with the company from the get-go.

"I've always felt that even if you are in the right business at just the right time, you will still get run over if you just sit there. The road to success is always under construction and nowhere is that more true than in the world of records management. So with that philosophy in mind, I was looking towards technology to automate, speed up the pace of our record center operations, as well as innovate," notes Richard. "Innovation to me meant offering the best in traditional customer service. So I looked at what our employees do and how technology could be applied to their work to achieve greater accuracy, productivity and customer satisfaction. My search led me to O'Neil Software."


Challenge 2: When 99% Accuracy Is Not Good Enough and 100% is the Ultimate Goal.

Pacific Records Management recognized that no matter how good an individual is, he or she can and will make mistakes.

With that in mind, one feature of O'Neil's product offerings that Pacific Records Management has found extremely valuable is the software's ability to import and export large amounts of customer data, a part of the company's daily routine. Richard notes: "All large orders are imported and this capability is particularly useful when it comes to directives regarding destruction at the end of the record lifecycle. Importing takes away the laborious task of data entry and eliminates the possibility of human error. Once such example was when we imported 2,749,700 file folders for a client."

He continues: "O'Neil also provides the tools to manage and reconcile inventory transfers, performing the perfect transfer of a new customer. After capturing the Customer's Identification, we import the customer's or competitor's inventory. Containers not received are identified on the Exception Table. We load to our list and compare inventories, to determine the additional containers that were received, but are not included in inventory."

Pacific Records Management also makes tremendous use of O'Neil Software's Scheduling feature, which helps them handle and pre-schedule their daily work orders. Long term scheduling manages all of their shredding and media rotations. Richard notes: "In 2009, over 8,240 events were posted to work orders via O'Neil's Scheduling. What was once a daunting task (having to schedule events on a regular/routine basis), is now performed once, on the initial work order with the greatest of ease and accuracy, using O'Neil's Scheduling feature.

Challenge 3: Again – Just Don't Sit Still. Make the Most of Technological Changes in the Marketplace That Let You Build Your Business.

When Pacific Records Management first started using O'Neil's software, the supplier's RSWeb.NET was not a part of the company's current offerings.

However, when O'Neil made their new product announcement, Richard was enthusiastic regarding the software's capability. He notes: "Because the world-wide web is always open for business, I saw the huge potential this new product offered our company and our customers, not only during normal working hours, but 24/7. O'Neil's RSWeb.NET would significantly enhance our ability to serve our customers more efficiently through the Internet, while improving our operational efficiency and freeing up our internal staff so they could tend to other important tasks. This was going to be huge and we were anxious to start using it."

O'Neil Software RSWeb.NET harnesses the power of the Internet and Microsoft®'s latest .NET technology to make record centers a true extension of their clients' operations. As part of a complete suite of fully integrated software (O'Neil's RS-SQL® and award-winning AT&T® Certified RSMobile®), RSWeb.NET provides clients with fast, flexible and real-time access to all their business records right when they need it, a mouse click away. Thanks to RSWeb.NET, they can spend more time working, not waiting for answers and in business today, this can mean the difference between thriving and dying.

"We thoroughly value O'Neil's RSWeb.NET application and the ability of our customers to manage their own data. Our internal staff productivity and accuracy has dramatically increased by encouraging our customers to manage their own inventory via the web," adds Richard. "We currently have 534 active web users and in 2009, processed 68,713 items via the RSWeb.NET service. Because our clients now have access to our record center's RS-SQL database, they can perform many tasks themselves, eliminating unnecessary email, faxes and telephone calls."

He concludes: "With our clients using RSWeb.NET, no longer do our customer service reps have to re-key an order or look up information. And instead of waiting for answers from our staff, our clients can quickly and easily query the database; order storage service and supplies; schedule pickups and deliveries; add new inventory; define and update item descriptions in selected records; generate and get access to reports on their record center activities 24/7, 365 days a year, printable from their desktops; and even monitor the status of their orders. All this takes place directly from their desk, saving time and eliminating costly errors. The power is in their hands through a standard Web browser, anytime, day or night, from anywhere in the world."


The Solution: Automate to Ensure Accuracy, Efficiency, Enhance Customer Service and Partner With Overachievers.

Your automation investment can be an information goldmine, if you have the right technology and business partner. That's where constant research and development, along with expertise in the records management industry comes in.

"We know as our company continues to grow, our ability to become more accurate, efficient and profitable will mostly come from technology. So what we value most about O'Neil is their relentless research and development (over one million dollars a year), along with their continued product enhancements," cites Richard. Their Development Staff is a tremendous benefit, always working to upgrade what is already a terrific product to an even greater offering. The confidence we have in O'Neil's ability to continually enhance the product ensures our ability to maximize Pacific Records Management's goals and objectives. We expect O'Neil will continue to be on the leading edge of technology and rely on them to offer the best-in-class product," he concludes.

In addition to the confidence level Pacific Records Management has in the quality of O'Neil's R&D, Development staff and software solutions, Richard is also quick to point out: "O'Neil delivers impressive Technical Support. "Live" system-knowledgeable people are always there 24/7 to resolve any and every issue. In one instance, our server went down late one afternoon and our IT staff member worked though the night to rebuild it and restore the data. Just to show you the breadth and depth of O'Neil's offices (US, UK and Australia) and Tech Support, when O'Neil closed their US office for the night, they transferred the open ticket to their UK office. My guy worked through the night with both this location, as well as the Australian office and by morning, start-of-business we were up and running. Now that's what you call building a relationship and reinforcing trust – all set on a strong foundation of product quality and success."

In summarization, Richard notes: "Pacific Records Management expects O'Neil will continue to be on the leading edge of technology and has our best interests in mind. We have invested heavily in them and count on the company to offer the best-in-class product. We have always subscribed to the theory of mastering what we do best, and rely on others for those areas that are not within our ability to master. Perhaps this is best represented in our software, which is our greatest strength in providing a safe, secure and competitive service to our customers."

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