Imagine a world in which luggage never arrives; packages can't be located; your dog remains lost; tainted products can't be recalled, nor can forgeries be distinguished from the genuine. Without the ability to trace, one might anticipate such a place.

Here's a case study on a company looking to enhance the traceability of their customers' records. This way they could, with certainty, follow their lifecycle in a forwards and backwards direction. They got that using O'Neil's software.

The Technology User: EvaStore Limited

Let's face it - we've all, at some time or another, experienced the frustration of misplacing an item or worse, someone taking possession of it and putting it in a different location. It can be maddening and of course, we try to avoid both scenarios at all costs.

This was exactly what EvaStore Limited was looking to improve: records traceability.

EvaStore Limited offers a full range of records management services including document storage, cataloging, retrieval, collection, delivery scanning, and destruction; archiving supplies; and vault storage. They serve customers across the UK from their head office in the Midlands. The company has been in business since 2003.

Challenge 1: Ensure Traceability - the Flipside to Anonymity

As is often the case in the business world, a company's records may be needed, which are stored at an offsite facility. Accurately locating, retrieving and returning/re-filing those records is critical.

"When a company turns over the responsibility for their records management to an organization in our industry, that means that they are placing their trust in them," notes Patrick Evans, Managing Director of EvaStore Limited. "One way that organization earns that trust is being able to track and document the location and history of a record, known as traceability."

EvaStore's goal was to be able to prove, with certainty, that they had collected or their customer had received records requested. They also wanted to be able to determine who signed for them, as well as when and where. So critical to this records management company was their being able to follow the lifecycle of their customers' records, from their deposit to their destruction; the ability to validate activities, for example, at the point of collections and deliveries; and the means to proactively manage customers' records in terms of destruction reviewing.

Patrick continues: "When EvaStore starting looking for a solution to enhance records traceability, we turned to O'Neil. There were several reasons for this: their software was being requested by potential customers, who had been using it with current suppliers. Additionally, local authorities and government bodies had started to specify O'Neil in tender opportunities. Lastly, their technology was industry-specific. Therefore you have the knowledge and support to call on for queries."

A software solution provider should offer a product, or products with tools to customize workflows to the needs of a business; tracking tools to show where documents are within a process; and reporting and auditing tools to help facilitate compliance. EvaStore Limited got all this and more using O'Neil's RS-SQL®.

Evastore Limited Warehouse

Challenge 2: Reap Gains in Efficiency, Speed Retrieval, Undertake Audits

RS-SQL is a flexible, feature-rich information management and record tracking software that allows you to easily and accurately manage, track and monitor the activity of any storable item (boxes, file folders, documents, tapes) throughout your record center, from deposit to destruction, work order to invoice.Using O'Neil's RS-SQL lightens the load on your internal staff and reduces the time and effort it takes to access information. It also means finding what you need, when you need it, guaranteeing 100% service accuracy and efficiency to customers; ensuring correct billing and charging for every service you perform; and having meaningful data at your fingertips.

Combine RS-SQL's work order with O'Neil's portable computing and barcoding and you have complete point-to-point tracking of any item in your record center, through all stages of the delivery and pickup process. O'Neil's RSMobile® scanning software captures the date, time and user, giving you and your customer complete control of this information. It's also valuable for performance reporting, allowing operations and customers alike to see if a box, file folder or tape was pulled, delivered to the customer, picked up, placed in a holding area or re-filed back to a shelf.

Patrick points out: "Using O'Neil's software, we've been able to maximize the space within our facilities and move live storage items to more accessible areas to speed the retrieval process. Additionally, we can undertake separate audits of the actives registered on the system, which enables us to ensure that our quality management system is effective and being followed by internal staff."

Challenge 3: Streamline Business Processes with Barcodes

Record center filing methods need to be precise and accurate, to ensure that an individual or company can find exactly what they are looking for at any given time. Barcodes are encrypted labels, placed on items describing their contents. They provide a simple method of encoding text information, easily read by inexpensive electronic readers called scanners.

When asked what specific characteristics of O'Neil's software or services particularly interested EvaStore, Patrick commented: "The ease of the barcoding process. It's a fast way to file any kind of information and is more accurate in entering data into a computer system than having an individual type it in. This reduction in errors results in a huge savings of time and money fixing errors."

He continues: "Barcoding is also a simple filing method to teach new employees. A scanner is an easy piece of equipment for a new person to learn. Training takes a matter of minutes. The scanner then uploads the barcode information instantaneously. This is a less labour-intensive process then having to review each and every piece of inventory and mark it accordingly."

EvaStore Limited walkway

The Solution: A Better Business World Using O'Neil's Track and Trace Capabilities

So while O'Neil's technology has absolutely nothing to do with luggage arriving; packages or lost dogs being located; tainted products being recalled or forgeries being distinguished, their software forms the very foundation of any quality records management system - much like the one EvaStore Limited offers.

As a service provider in this industry, you should be able to tell your customers where any of their records are at any time of the day. Track and trace is the ultimate in inventory control, operations efficiency and customer satisfaction. Without traceability to an absolute standard, there would be only chaos.

Just ask EvaStore Limited...

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