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EMEA Region
+ 44 (0) 1908 635320
APAC Region
+61 (0) 7 3255 1333

Technical Support and problem-solving reaches its creative potential when you mix the best technology with the best people. At O'Neil Software, we have always invested heavily in both, and the results of that interaction speak for themselves.

Our Technical Support professionals understand that your company depends on our solutions and that you are putting the future of your business in our hands, when you choose our software. That's why we offer the largest Support Group in the industry who are responsive, knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated to resolving any issues you may have as quickly as possible. After all, time is money...

... and O'Neil Software is the only software provider to the commercial record storage and management industry with a fully equiped and manned support desk on three continents. Strategically placed, they provide true 24 hour support with a centralized support logging system, so you can talk with any support desk, at any time.

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