Getting Started in Records Management 

Where should I start?
Contacting an O'Neil Business Development Representative is a great way to start your journey into the world of Records Management. O'Neil Software can help you figure out what it takes to get you started in the Records and Information Management industry. O'Neil prides itself on the fact that we're not just a software company; we're in the Partnership business.
Where should I get racking?
While there are many great rack vendors out there, we suggest looking at the PRISM buyer's guide.  In fact, PRISM International is a great source of information for anyone getting into commercial records and information management.  You can learn more at: 
Does O'Neil have any type of Starter Package?
O'Neil's RS-SQL is built to be scalable and right out of the box and so you don't have to settle for a "cut down" version of the software lacking in functionality.  You will have the exact same tools as any other record center running RS-SQL, whether you are starting out or an established records center. To learn more about our packages, please contact an O'Neil Business Development Representative today.
Can I try out a demo copy of O'Neil's RS-SQL?
RS-SQL is highly configurable and so it is very difficult for us to provide a demonstration copy that would meet your exact needs.  However, for a demonstration of RS-SQL where we can guide you and answer your specific questions, please contact your local O'Neil Business Development Representative.
What are your prices?
From the "traditional" capital expenditure approaches to flexible monthly subscription options, you can get the same package that the million box record centers use around the globe, yet priced for you to get started in the profitable records storage and management industry. And as your business grows, O'Neil's pricing simply scales to accommodate your requirements. You can learn about which pricing approach is best for you by contacting an O'Neil Business Development Representative.
Do you have any type of payment plan for the software?
In order to help our newer customers, O'Neil now offers RS-SQL with subscription licensing.  With no upfront software expenditure, you can now run O'Neil's RS-SQL for a small monthly fee. You can learn more by contacting an O'Neil Business Development Representative.


What is RS-SQL?
RS-SQL is the foundation product of O'’Neil’'s Records Management software suite. It is the backbone that runs the record center and which ultimately feeds RSMobile and RSWeb.NET the information they need.  RSMobile and RSWeb.NET require RS-SQL and cannot run on their own.  Used in more than 1,000 facilities in 80+ countries, RS-SQL runs small start up centers with less than 5,000 records managed, to world-leading centers with over 175 million records on a single database.  Recall Corporation manages over 100 million cartons of records in their DMS business using RS-SQL to satisfy the needs of over 80,000 clients.


Do I have to purchase this also?
RSWeb.NET is included in your purchase/lease of RS-SQL at no extra charge. Additional RSWeb.NET Licenses are required but may be included, depending on the package purchased.  You can learn more through your O'Neil Business Development Representative.
Can I change the colors and look?
Yes, you can change the colors and logo to match your current website. Known as a Cascading Style Sheet (or CSS), the ability to include background images, change colors, and fonts means your clients will have a seamless experience from your website to the RSWeb.NET portal.  Currently we have some samples of customizations that you can view here, and best of all... we can customize your CSS at no charge.  Just contact an O'Neil Business Development Representative to learn more.


What Mobile Device is right for me?
The Zebra mobile computers used for the RSMobile software come in three primary form-factors:  Generally, we would suggest a mobile device with a trigger grip for high intensity barcode scanning work within the warehouse, while a “"brick- style" mobile device is preferred by drivers. Drivers may also require a "pocket size" device which doubles as a phone.  As you can see, there is lots to discuss so in order to correctly match the best mobile device for you and your situation, please contact your O'Neil Business Development Representative
What about wireless?
If you want to be free of cords and free of having to cradle your device every time you process a request, you could look at purchasing a Zebra Wireless Access Point.

O'Neil Software

Who is O'Neil Software?

O'Neil Software has been committed to leading the record storage and management industry for over 30 years. We have an enviable track record of installations in over 1,000 record centers, operating in more than 80 countries, from start-ups to multi-nationals. Our record storage and management software solutions track multiple types of data including traditional storage boxes, file folders, documents and tapes; from deposit to destruction, work order to invoice.  O'Neil is also known as the industry pioneer for barcode tracking, wireless handhelds and web technology. Our record storage and management software products consistently offer enhancements and new features not found anywhere else.  To learn more, visit About O'Neil Software.

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Barcode Labels

Do I have to order barcodes through O'Neil?
RS-SQL and the RSMobile barcode scanners support many symbologies of barcode, whether printed by O'Neil Software or by yourself.  However, O'Neil prints over 18 million labels every year and guarantees the quality for 20-years.  When you have to rely on that label as the primary identifier of all records in your facility, doesn't it seems like a good choice to rely on the people who can ensure quality?  We are also so sure that you will love our labels we are prepared to print a sample run of 1,000 labels for you at no charge.  You can order barcode labels online here
Where do I order more labels?
You can order barcode labels online here
How should I label my warehouse?
While every case is different, we explain two typical methods in our "Designing Your Location Scheme datasheet".
You can download the datasheet here*Login Required*
Ordering labels for the first time?
If you would like some help, please call your local O'Neil Business Development Representative and we’'ll be more than happy to walk you through the process.
Other Questions?
Please refer to Barcode Label FAQs.

Printer Paper

Where can I purchase more Printer Paper?
You can order more printer paper by calling your O'Neil Business Development Representative.


Why do I need a login?
We consider our software to be the very best and want to protect it as much as possible to give our customers an advantage over the competitors.
I can't find what I'm looking for.
If you can't find what you're looking for, please call your regional Support Desk for some assistance.

Technical Support

Can I call any of the three Support Desks?
Yes, if you are in need of support, any of the three regional Support Desks can handle your inquiries.
I need help with my RS-SQL System
If this is an emergency, please call your regional Support Desk. For other inquiries such as purchasing an upgrade, please contact your O'Neil Business Development Representative.


How often does O’'Neil host training classes?
O'’Neil Software hosts training classes almost every month in the US, the UK, and Australia.  We generally avoid May, as it is the PRISM International Conference, and December.  Classes, however, can be scheduled on request.


Where do I register for the Forum/Download Center?
You can register here.
It says my email is already in use when I try to Register.
It is possible that you have registered previously. Please try the Username and Password recovery.
It says my Username is already taken.
It is possible that you have registered previously or someone else has that username. Please try the Username and Password recovery. 

End of Life Policy

When will my software or scanners become obsolete?
O'Neil Software does its very best to maintain support for products for as long as possible, but occasionally we have to end support for certain products. For example, Microsoft has now ended support for Windows XP and future versions of RS-SQL will not be tested with that Operating System.  We always post any dates well in advance, as well as keeping customers informed via our newsletter and social media.  You can consult the posted End of Life schedule at at anytime to check on the latest status of any products or services.
What does End of Sale, End of Support and End of RS-SQL Support mean?
End of Sale refers to the date where O'Neil will no longer be able to obtain any more of that device.
End of Support refers to the date that the Original Equipment/Software Manufacturer will no longer repair or service any of a particular device.
End of RS-SQL Support refers to the date that O'Neil will no longer test newer versions of the software with the device. 


What is Teamviewer?
Teamviewer is an online tool we use to be able to connect and "take control" of your PC.  We can only do this with your express permission, but it can be useful should our technical support team need to use Teamviewer to properly diagnose a problem on your RS-SQL installation. 


How does my business become an oneilPartner?
Once you purchase your RS-SQL system, customers can use the oneilPartner logos distributed by O'Neil Software. This status shows that you partner with The FIRST Choice of Record Centers Worldwide!
How do I get my website listed on your website?
In order to appear on our oneilPartner page, please fill out the form here.
What’'s the point of putting a link to on my website?
Placing a link from your website to ours, helps create reciprocal links, which will help your search ratings. These reciprocal links help increase the visibility of both websites in Google and Bing Search ranks. 

Your Stories

How can I have my story told?
If you have an amazing story to tell and want O’'Neil to help, please contact Christine Spisto.  We would love to hear all about your successes.
Does it cost anything?
We do not charge to help get your story told. All it’'s going to cost you is some time and participation. 
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