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On-Site Training

On-Site Training

O'Neil has a team of experienced record center management professionals, who can provide you with on-site training at your offices, based on your particular needs. This service allows you to train multiple people on your staff simultaneously, in a comfortable and familiar environment.

Our trainers can provide your staff with short cuts and sound operational advice; teach them how to complete functions they currently perform on a new system faster and more efficiently; and introduce new functionality into your record center operations, saving them time and you money.

Just a few of the areas covered in On-Site Training are: Management Overview, Basic Training, Administration, Queries, Quick Queries and Daily Operations.

On-Site Consulting

O'Neil knows that changing software platforms may have more technical implications. So in addition to On-Site Training, O'Neil maintains a team of professionals who provide on-site technical support and operational planning, as well as traditional software training. O'Neil's experts also know what issues to address prior to moving forward with a conversion and can chart a complete business transition. 

Just a few of the areas covered in On-Site Technical Support are: Business-Planning Consultation; Technical Assistance; Program Education; Data Conversion Help; System Setup; and Hardware Recommendations.

Customer Feedback

Sunryse Information Management

Greg Marks did an excellent job as he clearly understood our business and brought immediate solutions to resolve our challenges. His ability to teach the staff was exceptional and I just wish we could have had him here a bit longer. My staff is 100 times better prepared to tackle anything regarding our operations and customer support. We should have done this sooner and it was well worth the investment.
Christian Sawyer
Owner & Managing Partner

Advanced Records Management

At the end of December 2011 Greg Marks for O'Neil braved our Minnesota weather for a 3 day on-site training seminar. Just weeks prior, I had discovered a serious flaw when an object code was created without a storage transaction. I'm embarrased to say that I've owned this business since 1996 but have always relied on others to deal with billing issues. Now I am in the process of auditing each account (using reports/reporting services) which has become a real eye opener. My point is, the money we spent on this training was worth every cent. We had four of us in the meeting and we all now have an understanding of how base/account level transactions interact with base/account activity sets. The billing module within O'Neil can be complex and the potential for lost revenue and/or incorrect billing is very real. I highly, highly recommend that if you are in an administrative position that you either attend one of their classroom seminars or have one of their support people stop by!
Jeff Fronius


I have every expectation and need met by O'Neil’s visit. Our staff has learned a tremendous amount on system and operating procedures have been taken to a higher level and our customers will benefit immensely as a result. O'Neil was very responsive to all of our needs and was a great pleasure to work with on this support visit.
John Miller

Richards & Richards

O'Neil's Support team are practical and concise teachers. They are very knowledgeable not only about the software, but also the interaction with equipment. They are tireless workers who are more than willing to work on a flexible and demanding schedule. I always enjoy O'Neil’s visits. And the educational value is tremendous. I feel that I always get more than my money’s worth with the training they provide our company. O'Neil really know their stuff.
Steve Richards

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