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Imaging in RS-SQL

You Will Learn How To:

  • Create Image on Demand Workorders
  • Add Images to RS-SQL
  • Use Image Express
  • Fulfill Imaging Requests
  • Import Images from 3rd Party Software
  • Create Custom Queries for Images
  • And Much More!

Tutorial Content

  • Imaging Workorders
  • Image Express in RSWeb.NET
  • Importing Images
  • Image Storage Strategies
  • Billing for Image Services

Who Should Attend

This web tutorial is valuable for Record Center Managers and Staff who are involved in the Digital Imaging Services for their Record Center.

Web Tutorial

This web tutorial provides an introduction to Imaging in RS-SQL with a focus on Image on Demand services. Attendees will learn how Imaging in RS-SQL can improve the services that are offered to their customers.

Webcast Disclaimer

*This webcast is for educational purposes only and is subject to change without notice. O'Neil Software makes no warranties, express or implied regarding this webcast. The contents of this webcast are believed to be current and accurate as of its date of publication.

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